Press Briefing „Debt For Climate“ , 11/5/2022 Munich

„We are a grassroots, Global South-driven initiative connecting social & climate justice struggles by uniting labor, social and climate movements from the Global South & North toward a common goal of turning debt-trap diplomacy on its head by canceling the debt of impoverished nations as a way to pay for leaving fossil fuels in the ground and financing a just transition. The implementation of a global Debt-for-Climate initiative has the potential to leave trillions of dollars in fossil fuel reserves in the ground, while freeing countries from a strangling debt burden often used as a tool for further extraction of natural resources. We are organizing a global action to push these demands during the G7 meeting on June 26-28.“ Main speaker: Esteban Servat, Debt for Climate Further represented: Lisa Pottinger, Stop G7 Plattform Susanne Egli, Extinction Rebellion Soja-Nemo Heißerer, Fridays for Future

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